Wading In, Washing Off Muck

 Scott Slater is a member of our ESC-MD Advisory Board. He was part of the founding group, rotated off what became the Advisory Board and missed us so much he returned to this work. In this photo you can see him leading a talk at Happening this past weekend- with nearly 90 teens at The Bishop Claggett Center, our Diocesan camp and conference center.   https://frsnot.wixsite.com/website/home/_muck is his reflection on that important work with Diocesan youth, and one of the many ways in which our Canon to the Ordinary (someone who works directly for the Bishop) continues a ministry so important to him and to the Church.  Scott spent two years in his earlier life with a young adult year of service program, one which changed his own life, and he works hard with ESC-MD and in other ways, to ensure that other young lives may change so that they in turn may help change the lives of others.

Jan Hamill

About ESC Director

The Rev. Jan Hamill has a long career with formation related ministries- from school and university chaplaincies, youth ministry, diocesan commissions on ministries, to parish ministries. She was involved in an ongoing conversation in the Diocese of Maryland with others in related ministries, resulting in the forming of Episcopal Service Corps Maryland in 2010. She is married to the the Rev. Mark Gatza; they have 2 young adult children.
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