RUN ESC at Baltimore Running Festival

Some photos from #RunESC. 5K runners/walkers Suz Jones-Hochmuth, David J. Southern, Katrina Grusel,l Margaret Scheitheir Schotto, and Jan  Hamill went the fastest. Relay runners Dina Van Klaveren, Deanna Sebastian, Jennifer Birsa, and Brent Birsa went the farthest. Suz Jones-Hochmuth raised the most friends and the most funds! Together we raised over $3600! And all together we had a lot of fun.





Jan Hamill

About ESC Director

The Rev. Jan Hamill has a long career with formation related ministries- from school and university chaplaincies, youth ministry, diocesan commissions on ministries, to parish ministries. She was involved in an ongoing conversation in the Diocese of Maryland with others in related ministries, resulting in the forming of Episcopal Service Corps Maryland in 2010. She is married to the the Rev. Mark Gatza; they have 2 young adult children.
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