Gilead Community

We continue to change Baltimore as ESCMD House Members! While working in our city, these Members are living as community in the Gilead  Residence.

Here are the words of their painted Covenant:

Living in Community is more than just sharing a roof. It’s participating with each other in life. It’s fostering an understanding for our differences. It’s cooperating for the common good. Welcome to our home!

Kait is Ministry Associate with the Cathedral of the Incarnation.  She hails from Rhode Island and came to Baltimore last year for a Gilead Year, for a year of service with the Cathedral- she liked it so much and they liked her so much that she is now on staff continuing to change lives in the city. She has even joined the Choir!  In time off she loves to bake, and also volunteer with Diocese of Maryland Youth programs.

Hannah is Director of Youth and Community Engagement at Memorial Church (our Housing Partner.) She came to Baltimore last year for a Gilead Year, for a year of service with Project PLASE.  Memorial became her church home while she was an Episcopal Service Corps Member and is now on staff to broaden the ministry scope of the parish with children and youth, and through engaging the neighorhood in a variety of ways.

Kevin is on staff at Mountain Manor Treatment Center. He came to Baltimore to continue his work as a clinical psychologist, and to be close to his significant other. He says this about living in the Gilead Residence:” Living here is an excellent fit for me as I enjoy living with others who share my values of service, community, and loving your neighbor. This year I hope to deepen my understanding of my shared humanity and common connections with the folks in Baltimore. ” 


Jan Hamill

About ESC Director

The Rev. Jan Hamill has a long career with formation related ministries- from school and university chaplaincies, youth ministry, diocesan commissions on ministries, to parish ministries. She was involved in an ongoing conversation in the Diocese of Maryland with others in related ministries, resulting in the forming of Episcopal Service Corps Maryland in 2010. She is married to the the Rev. Mark Gatza; they have 2 young adult children.
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