Enough is Enough

I went to the March For Our Live march in DC on Saturday. It was incredible. I am always in awe of marches- I am in awe of people coming together for a common cause and purpose. I don’t know the majority of the people in the large crowds, and yet they feel like friends. We form a community as we march, admire each other’s signs, and voice our opinions. There is something kind of magical about that.

March For Our Lives had all of that, but so much more. It was incredibly impressive watching these group of teenagers. I am in awe of their courage. I am in awe that they would turn their pain into action. It meant so much to me I don’t know how to put it into words. I have not met any of the teenagers that were on that stage Saturday, but I am incredibly fond of them. I really want to give each of them a hug. I want to sit and cry with them. This march was so much more heartbreaking than any other march I have been to before. This is a march that never should’ve happened- no one should ever have to march to demand that our leaders protect the people they represent- especially children and teens. Children and teens should not be terrified that they are going to be murdered as they sit in class. No one should be worried that they are going to be gunned down as they worship in church, attend a concert, or party with friends at a club. People of color especially should not have to worry about getting shot, whether they are at school or walking down the street or anytime they see a police officer. We should not have to worry about this! Children should not be worried about this!

And I promise you I am not wanting to take your guns. Really I am not. I don’t think anyone is. I just want sensible gun reform. I want background checks. I want it to be so hard to get guns. I want it to be easier to get a driver’s license that it is to get a gun. I don’t want people to have guns meant for the military- let’s be honest, who needs that kind of gun on the streets? I don’t want people who are mentally ill, people with a history of violence to be able to get guns. A teenager doesn’t need a gun meant for the military. It should not be this easy.

I am going to be honest: I am tired. I am tired by how easy it is for the wrong people to get their hands on the wrong guns. I am tired of the shootings. I am tired of police brutality. I am tired of those who have the power to change things choosing to take money from the NRA instead of taking the necessary steps to change. I am tired of the fact that guns are more valuable than the lives of children. I am tired of every time I get an alert on my phone of yet another shooting, I think something along the lines of “oh, another one.” I hate that this is normal to me. Shootings never should have been normal, for anybody. I am tired that all of this makes me so incredibly angry all the time.

We can’t make America great if Americans don’t feel safe.

We can’t make America great if Americans are dead.

It’s time for change. It’s time for common sense about guns. It’s time for gun reform.

Enough is enough.

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