Current Worksites

st-hildas-tunnel-300x300Diocese of Maryland: Intern for Social Justice, working directly with our Canon for Mission, specifically for Racial, Environmental, Public Policy areas. The photo is from an adventure to St. Hilda’s in Catonsville.

Diocese of Maryland: Intern for Faith and Finance.  For small church support and development: The Diocese of Maryland office of Finance would like to provide the resources necessary for our small congregations to continue their vital ministry to their local communities. In order to best serve in this capacity, we need to determine what resources are required by each congregation, specifically for finance and other structural needs.  The ESC Intern will be vital in the process.

14970887_10210811810840766_1556973859_oThe job duties include:  1)Assisting the CFO with development of a congregational census questionnaire; 2)   Performing the census of churches through a series of interviews via phone call conversations and/or in person church visits; 3) Developing a database with the results of the interviews; 4) Creating a mapping of needs and available resources through shared support; 5) Organizing potential support systems in areas around the Diocese of Maryland.  It is expected that, at the end of the corps member’s service year, the Diocese of Maryland will have an updated database with requested information, a needs assessment, a needs/resource geographical mapping, and a possible support system listing in order to roll out a resource system that meets the actual needs of the small churches in the Diocese of Maryland.


Great Kids Farm (Gileads of  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016),

sunflower-at-gkfGreat Kids Farm engages Baltimore City Schools students at all grade levels to support classroom learning, participate in every aspect of food preparation, and prepare students for success in 21st century colleges and careers.  This year our ESC-MD corps member helps with farm chores and works with the Farm educators teaching students connections between the food they eat at their school salad bars and the food they harvest while on field trips.



Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service -an opportunity to work in this national office on behalf of immigrants and refugees and those who seek to truly welcome them.  The Program Fellow for Migrant Services will work specifically to support the work of partner organizations providing services to individuals impacted by immigration detention.  This partnership is returning after a year’s hiatus.  Some words from a Sarah Harrs who served with LIRS in the 2014-2015 year: My year at LIRS was challenging and rewarding in unexpected ways. I had envisioned my year of service as being “hands on” or “boots on the ground,” or a variety of other nonprofit lingo that sounded exciting and impactful. Instead, I found myself in an office with 100 other employees, working on behalf of people we rarely met. Looking back, I’m so grateful to have been placed at LIRS. My colleagues taught me invaluable lessons about the reality of making an impact (hint: it takes longer than a year to change the world), how to keep the small, everyday activities pointing towards the end goal, and countless pieces of advice about having a career in the nonprofit world. I was inspired daily by their passion and stories. The office experience that seemed so boring on my first day of work led me to the awesome job I have today (as did the recommendation of my LIRS supervisor!). My year at LIRS taught me project management, conflict resolution, and general nonprofit knowledge. I was given the lead on projects and campaigns most companies would never give an entry-level employee, much less a fellow, which provided me with a wealth of experience to talk about in future job interviews. I wouldn’t be where, or who, I am today if I hadn’t been placed at LIRS. I would encourage anyone considering a future in the nonprofit field to interview with LIRS, and to go in with an open heart and a discerning eye.



Project PLASE (Gileads of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Homeless census team

Homeless census team winter 2015

Project PLASE serves approximately 450 individuals in our Transitional and Permanent Housing programs each year and thousands over the past 36 years. We bring hope, restore dignity and end the cycle of homelessness for clients and their families. On any given night in Baltimore City, an estimated 4,000 people experience homelessness.Our response: We provide essential housing and support services to homeless citizens.  Our ESC-MD corps members work directly with clients in local shelters.  The photo here was taken of 2014-15 winter homeless census team in the Gilead neighborhood, with the Project PLASE corps member as well as Gilead household and board member volunteers.