Life Changing Year

“Participating in a year of service with Episcopal Service Corps in Baltimore was life changing for me. If you need a change, some work experience, time to decide what you want to do, knowledge about social justice issues, a community… and really so much more, consider a year of service.” Jessica Berry Gilead of 2103-2014. Great Kids Farm was her service site, working with the Farm Educator, and fellow Gilead Walker Smith.   Link for application is on our home page. And also right here

Sorority sisters Jess and Kelly, and Gileads a year apart

Jess P, Bishop Sutton, Jess B, Kate R

Walker and Jess on their last day at Great Kids Farm

Field trip! Introducing Great Kids Farm green house work to fellow Gileads

Best work ever! welcoming a Baltimore City School class for a field trip

Giving Thanks Over and Over Again

This past week I have been so thankful for all of the blessings in my life! One of my many blessings has been coming up to Baltimore through the Episcopal Service Corps! This past year I gained true friends, loving mentors, and a place to call home. Please consider giving so that more people can experience this blessing! Hannah Hutchens, Gilead 2017-2018, and also current House Member.

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I’m so thankful for the Episcopal Service Corps Maryland. I would not be the strong, confident person I am today without the unending love, support, and community ESC-MD has provided. You can play a part in continuing the growth of this community by giving a gift on #GivingTuesday. Jessica Pandolfino (with some of the other Gilead women of 2013-2014). Lend your support as #wechangeBmore…

Food System Ownership

During her 2015-2106 year in Baltimore Natalie Strait worked with Great Kids Farm. Here’s what she says about that year: “I knew I wanted to explore urban agriculture and food justice, but not especially clear what I meant, other than that I like gardening and vegetables and cities. A clearer picture grew as to where my passions and skills met while working at Great Kids Farm, volunteering with my housemates at Baltimore Orchard Project, talking with folks while weeding and harvesting at The Red Shed Garden & Events Space, going on work field trips with GK farm staff, visiting farmers markets, caring for the land trust garden at my church Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Baltimore, and seeing all the amazing things happening in Baltimore City food-wise. Being engaged in all these different communities gave me access to a completely different type of education than I had expected, and I began to discover what I really meant when I said I wanted to work in urban agriculture and food justice.”

Now Natalie uses her community relationship skills, her passion for raising new leadership, her organizing skills, and dedication working on the Girl Scouts River Valleys Product Program team coordinating southern Minnesota’s Girl Scout Cookie Program, She is applying to grad school for Urban and Regional Planning. “I have seen the power communities have to take ownership of their food systems when they find their voice and someone to listen, and I want to be there to help that happen.”


Doors Opened

During Patrick Kangrga’s year with ESCMD 2012-13 he interned with Epiphany Episcopal Church of Timonium, MD as a youth worker both within the congregation and outside making neighborhood connections. With some other positions along the way, now he is the Associate for Youth Ministries with Trinity Church in Menlo Park California. Here’s what Patrick has to say about his time with ESC: “ESCMD opened doors for me that I could never imagine being unlocked or even existing. Though that year was one of the hardest/ most challenging time of my short life, several years out now I can see how God was shaping me into,calling me to be the human I am right now. I wouldn’t be this person, I wouldn’t have the life-giving job and ministry I have, I wouldn’t have met the inspiring people I’ve met or seen the amazing places I’ve seen without the kick-start that ESCMD provided. I am so grateful.” 


Best Friends and Favorite Memories

A year ago I had no idea what this year would bring. I cannot give enough thanks to ESC for giving me some of my best friends and favorite memories. I am thankful to everyone that put up with my southern sass! I am thankful for Demi Lovato concerts, youth events and St. Paddy’s day! I am also thankful for my family and friends that loved me through this year. Their support means more to me than I can ever express! I love that ESC lead me to new heights in my spirituality and introduced me to a beautiful community along the way. I am blessed because this year has shaped me and helped me rekindle my passion. With more love than I can express, thank you, thank you so much.