Wading In, Washing Off Muck

 Scott Slater is a member of our ESC-MD Advisory Board. He was part of the founding group, rotated off what became the Advisory Board and missed us so much he returned to this work. In this photo you can see him leading a talk at Happening this past weekend- with nearly 90 teens at The Bishop Claggett Center, our Diocesan camp and conference center.   https://frsnot.wixsite.com/website/home/_muck is his reflection on that important work with Diocesan youth, and one of the many ways in which our Canon to the Ordinary (someone who works directly for the Bishop) continues a ministry so important to him and to the Church.  Scott spent two years in his earlier life with a young adult year of service program, one which changed his own life, and he works hard with ESC-MD and in other ways, to ensure that other young lives may change so that they in turn may help change the lives of others.

God, Decisions, Grace’s Life

Grace Santandreu ESCMD 2016-17

What has been most formative in your life? You might think of some amazing moments, eye opening hardships, and relatable interactions with people closest too you. This post is a shout out to the Episcopal Service Corps and its hand in forming me into the person I am now, 18 months after finishing my year.  I learned a lot about myself, and continue to learn, especially on my approach to group dynamics and my outlook on life decisions and important relationships, and also my relationship to God. Maybe I learned more about my own name.

In Reflections we used some different personality indicators to show us where we fell on spectrums. One that gave me a lot to think about was one that showed strengths and weaknesses in group decision making. I had known that I am a strong listener and collectively take in individual perspectives of a group before a decision can be reached to effectively benefit everyone. I also learned that my accommodating nature that would lend my opinions a back seat during group decision making. My housemates gave me a chance to grow into a more effective communicator while taking my personal style into perspective.

I also expected my time with ESCMD to show me two things-about my relationship with God, and a way to making life decisions- all by the end of the year. During my ESC year, I was exposed to more social justice, racism education and environmental farm practices than all previous years, and learned I needed more time to reflect.  What I learned in my eye-opening year is that a relationship with God is very much a living thing, not a static thing. I learned from mentors that focusing, and re-focusing, on what truly matters is the important part.  I realized was that I needed more time to even decide about next academic steps, so took a job totally un-related. Now I am getting ready to take that next step forward in surprising ways. It’s not always what I want, but what community needs and God wants.

Formation of who you are comes from many different experiences, and how you respond. I am glad to have had my experience with ESCMD as it has taught me important lessons to carry with me beyond this year of service. Thank you to all who had supported me through my ESC year. Let’s see what the following chapters of life have in store!

Gileads tabling at Diocesan Convention

Supporting Team ESCMD – Baltimore Running Festival

Reflections on site at Great Kids Farm, Creation prayers, stream clean-up


Great Kids Farm media campaign with supervisor Beth


Gilead Community

We continue to change Baltimore as ESCMD House Members! While working in our city, these Members are living as community in the Gilead  Residence.

Here are the words of their painted Covenant:

Living in Community is more than just sharing a roof. It’s participating with each other in life. It’s fostering an understanding for our differences. It’s cooperating for the common good. Welcome to our home!

Kait is Ministry Associate with the Cathedral of the Incarnation.  She hails from Rhode Island and came to Baltimore last year for a Gilead Year, for a year of service with the Cathedral- she liked it so much and they liked her so much that she is now on staff continuing to change lives in the city. She has even joined the Choir!  In time off she loves to bake, and also volunteer with Diocese of Maryland Youth programs.

Hannah is Director of Youth and Community Engagement at Memorial Church (our Housing Partner.) She came to Baltimore last year for a Gilead Year, for a year of service with Project PLASE.  Memorial became her church home while she was an Episcopal Service Corps Member and is now on staff to broaden the ministry scope of the parish with children and youth, and through engaging the neighorhood in a variety of ways.

Kevin is on staff at Mountain Manor Treatment Center. He came to Baltimore to continue his work as a clinical psychologist, and to be close to his significant other. He says this about living in the Gilead Residence:” Living here is an excellent fit for me as I enjoy living with others who share my values of service, community, and loving your neighbor. This year I hope to deepen my understanding of my shared humanity and common connections with the folks in Baltimore. ” 


RUN ESC at Baltimore Running Festival

Some photos from #RunESC. 5K runners/walkers Suz Jones-Hochmuth, David J. Southern, Katrina Grusel,l Margaret Scheitheir Schotto, and Jan  Hamill went the fastest. Relay runners Dina Van Klaveren, Deanna Sebastian, Jennifer Birsa, and Brent Birsa went the farthest. Suz Jones-Hochmuth raised the most friends and the most funds! Together we raised over $3600! And all together we had a lot of fun.





A Time for Reflection

ESCMD’s Advisory Board announces a year of reflection during the 2018-2019 program year which began August 1. In the coming year, the Advisory Board will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the gift God has given us in the Gilead program. Nearly fifty Gileads have participated in the transformational program since its first class in 2011. After seven years, it is appropriate to reflect on its successes and determine where the program can grow as it seeks to promote justice and change in Baltimore.

During the coming year, the Gilead Residence remains open as an intentional community. The Advisory Board and Director are already at work reflecting and evaluating as they prepare for the eighth incoming class in August 2019. This winter, another six or seven young adults will be selected as Gileads to serve in Baltimore for the 2019-2020 program year.

Our national ESC network this year, at the invitation of General Convention, is becoming part of the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Formation. This will bring exciting new ways of recruiting and support to the entire ESC network, as we raise faithful leaders committed to community, justice, prayer, service, vocation.

ESCMD Class #7 has completed their year of service. They join forty-one other alumni of ESCMD as they now head to new ministry and work as varied as parish ministry in Baltimore to teaching English in Thailand. Some are discerning calls to ordained ministry; some are certain their call is to lay ministry. All know they are called by God to continue the work of Beloved Community wherever they go.

For the coming year, ESCMD will look a little different. Your support is more essential than ever. In order to adequately review the program, develop partnerships, and recruit the next class, your financial help and prayers are necessary. Please consider making a contribution to ESCMD. Add ESCMD to your prayer lists. Our Team ESCMD runs again and we hope you’ll join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/1545817712384536/ http://www.escmaryland.org/baltimore-running-festival-team/ Follow us on Facebook and check our website for regular updates as ESCMD strives to fulfill its mission.

Jan Hamil
Director, ESC-MD