Adventures in Cooking

Hey everyone! A central part of ESC life, and really anyone’s life, is eating! And with six busy girls in the house, you can bet cooking is always an adventure.

One of the most interesting parts of cooking is that all six of us are from very different areas, and have different experiences in how we cook and eat. From the East Coast, to the West Coast, Midwest to the South, and all the way from China, we lovely ladies have all grown up with our area-specific comfort foods.


Taco-Stuffed Peppers!


Grace’s Birthday!


Onion Tears!

While it can be a challenge for some (a lot of the time, me) to eat “comfort food” like white rice, potatoes, grits, a variety of vegetables, and pasta, it has really been fun to be able to share the foods from our traditions.

One of my favorite ideas that was shared with me in college, is that “everyone has to eat, food is what brings us together”. My professors, peers, and I spent a lot of time cooking and eating!

For our house, this idea has been so true. Not only have we been able to share food, but we have been able to share stories of what this food means to us, our families, and create new memories both in the kitchen and over the dinner table.

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