Abby is… New in Town

Hello all!

This is my first blog post and I’m über nervous, so bear with me:)

I came to Baltimore because I love this city, and for the fact that I was still reasonably close to my family and friends in the Eastern Shore, Ocean City to be exact. Furthermore, I knew many people here and was already pretty acquainted with the dynamics of the city.  However, after moving here and actually living in the heart of it all, I realized there was so much more than just the tourist destinations I tended to go near.  Through many adventures I found small and unique avenues that many disregard and forget about, but which hold some of the best features of the city. We may not be the richest, cleanest, or nicest to look at; but in some of the strangest places I found many wonderful and caring people who hold immense pride and love for where they live.  So many are amazing activists who wish to see this city flourish and live again. And I’m proud I’m doing my service year here!

Abigail Scheirer

About Abigail Scheirer

Abby is a graduate of Salisbury University and is currently studying child and adolescent development at southern New Hampshire University. She will work with Project PLASE.
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